CBBNR Line Up!

Programing line up

“An Off The Cuff Conversation”— with Min. Ausar and Brother Sankofa

winkler 3Tune in to Check out Minister Ausar, Brother Sankofa, our Special Guest and the rest of the Conscious Black Business Network Family Every Thursday from 9pm-11pm EST.

Min. Dennis ‘Ausar’ Winkler is the Host and founder of Conscious Black Business Network and works alongside with a powerful Brother Known as Marcus ‘Sankofa’ Nicks who is co-host and co-founder of the Conscious Black Business Network. These two Brothers compliment each other’s styles to produce a very thought provoking, educational, but entertaining show.

It is their Idea that everything is Business so will discuss any topic that they feel affects Black People’s overall productivity in general.  Don’t forget to check them out every Thursday at 9pm-11pm.

For more info on what these brother’s  visit the following links:

Consciousblackbusiness.com, WinklerInvestoGroup.com , TempleofNAT.org, Conscious Black Business Private and Exclusive Facebook Group.

Third Eye and Getting Out of the Matrix with Baba Ausar

Tune in every Thursday night at 7;30pm-9:00pm EST to view or listen to various topics, i.e., Kemetology, Numerology, African History and Culture, Black Revolutionaries, Natural Healing and so Much More!

Baba Ausar is an Elder at the Temple of New African Thought, The founder of Spirit of Kemet Internal Martial Arts Academy (SOKIMAA), a holistic healer, a businessperson, a teacher and a lover of African people worldwide.

Baba Ausar can be reached for lectures, personal coaching, martial arts training, meditation classes and just to chat at 443-522-6278